• Schedule: part-time (15 hours / week)
  • Main field: Telemarketing / Sales
  • Base salary: $15.00/h, with a possibility of performance bonuses


Your responsibilities will be to identify business opportunities in english speaking regions and to provide the person responsible for marketing and business development in the company – to whom you will be assistant – with qualified appointments. No solicitation or sales work is required for this position. You will only need to determine if the organization is looking for a new software. A representative from the company will then take the sales work in charge.

Your work will be similar to that of a telemarketing agent. This is a position of a professional calibre encompassing various tasks such as: make contact with directors from libraries and documentation centres, ensure follow ups, arrange sales meetings, send information through emails, carry out internet searches, etc.

  • Benefits of the position
  • Work from your office at home.
  • Part-time schedule, 15 hours / week so you can have a second source of income, raise a family, continue your studies or enjoy life.
  • Flexible work schedule, always between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (never in the evening).
  • Required qualities
  • The capacity to communicate well in English (mother tongue) with an impeccable vocabulary and a good writing ability.
  • The capacity to communicate and read in French;
  • The maturity and emotional intelligence necessary: being able to manage your emotions and avoid conflicts;
  • The independence and initiative necessary to be able to learn by yourself;
  • A proficient knowledge of technologies and software such as the Microsoft Office suite;
  • A relevant work experience;
  • The capacity to work within a team from a remote location;
  • Experience with a CRM.
  • An irreproachable integrity and a good ethical judgement.
  • Good working conditions
  • Starting base salary: $15.00/h and then $17.50/h after a while;
  • Possibility of performance bonuses;
  • Salaried status instead of self-employed;
  • Paid training included with follow-ups and coaching continuing afterwards.
  • Prerequisites

You must have access to a well equipped office at home (computer and internet connection) to be able to enjoy this teleworking opportunity. You must reside in the Greater Montreal area. Sales and retired professionals are also welcome to apply for this position. Solutions inLibro inc. recruits from all age groups, including 55+.


Knowledge in the librarianship field;

Cette offre d'emploi est maintenant fermée, il n'est plus possible de postuler.

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