About Our Company


Dolphin has been acting as the most reliable, direct partner for our clients. Our office located in Montreal specializes in marketing, sales and customer service. Our vision is to supply high-quality products with competitive costs to our targeted market. For a decade, we’ve been providing the best bathroom products from Chinese manufacturers for our North American clients.


As an international trade company, we are currently on the stage of broadening our product categories and exploring online business, in order to increase profitability and sales. Our online business is a very challenging and independent project, and it will be under a new brand. We picture our online business as a two-way platform for consumers in China and North America, because we see a great opportunity due to the difference between the markets of the two regions.


New product categories we will experiment on our online business:


Supplement products


We are going to offer Chinese consumers with the certified winning products originated from North America. It is a great opportunity because there are a plenty of mature health care products in North America, and due to the ageing population, environmental pollution and rising health-conscious, consumers from China are paying more attention to their wellness. For example, omega-3, healthy snacking (i.e. energy bars) would be very popular for Chinese.


Meanwhile, we will introduce the supplements with natural formulas from China to North America, such as herbal and enzymatic products. They have potent effects to balance the body in a different way, which is novel and unfamiliar to North American market.




Due to the online shopping trend in China, we plan to work with North American vendors to provide Chinese consumers the best value, most popular foods and drinks on our online website. For example, currently the water quality is a problem in China due to the environmental problem, we will introduce high-quality bottled water to China.


To better serve our clients, we are looking for a candidate who understands the cultures in China and North America. The language skill in English, Mandarin and French is mandatory, because we have a keen need for a communication without barriers. If you major in the field related to supplement product and food, such as biochemistry, food or nutrition major, it will be an advantage to understand the products. Because this is a brand-new project, we are looking for innovative ideas and new perspectives. If you are a fresh graduate, you are welcomed to apply!




  • Competitive salary, including commissions, incentives, work-related expenses and vacation
    management training program
  • Salary range: $55,000 – 75,000, depending on the competency and experience level
  • Incentive: on top of it, not included in the range of salary as depending every year



  • University Bachelor’s Degree is required (must be acquired in Canada or US)
  • Major is not restricted; however, a specialization that would help to better develop the products (food and health) for China is desired, which will be very useful for product development, product certification, packaging and labelling of supplements and foods
  • Position open to fresh graduates
  • Internship or working experience related to marketing and sales preferred
  • Strong knowledge in Microsoft office suites (professional IT or web design knowledge is not required)
  • Language skills in English, French and Mandarin is required
  • Multicultural background in North America and China is required (have living and working experiences in each cultures)
  • Excellent communication and presentation skill
  • Strong ability in research and analysis
  • Enthusiastic learner, interested in global business, economic and cultures
  • Highly self-motivated, multi-task in fast working environment, work autonomously and manage time




 Product Development


  • Marketing research and analysis (both China and North America)
  • Figuring out packaging, certification, labelling (i.e. language)
  • Assisting in new product launch
  • Coordinating China team with Canada team for more efficient, friendly cooperation
  • Travel is required


Coordination of E-commerce sites


  • Coordinating online website design with professional website designers
  • Updating, reviewing products and contents online
  • Managing social medias
  • Managing online orders and financial transactions
  • Managing logistic
  • Managing inventory
  • Managing customer service 

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