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Staff - Non Union

Job Category



AAPS Salaried - Administration, Level C

Job Title

Senior Manager, HR and Operations


Finance and Administration | Peter A. Allard School of Law

Compensation Range

$6,677.33 - $10,433.50 CAD Monthly

Posting End Date

November 8, 2021

Note: Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on the day prior to the Posting End Date above.

Job End Date

Job Summary

This position is responsible for all activities and support services of the Allard School of Law. This includes all areas of human resources for staff, and supporting the Dean in relation to Faculty HR, inclusive of faculty hiring, leaves, appointments, and salary increases. The incumbent also oversees the health and safety program for the Allard School of Law, building facilities and administration, and the budgets associated with these activities.

Organizational Status

The position reports to the Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration and works closely with the Dean, Associate Deans, Directors and Managers of all of the divisions in the Allard School of Law. Regular liaison with Human Resources, Faculty Relations, Building Operations, Financial Services, Safety Risk Services, and various departments across campus. Acts as a liaison with external organizations located in Allard Hall (LSLAP, ICCLR, BCLI,etc.)

Work Performed

Overview :

  • Develops and implements strategic direction for the law school in the areas of HR, health and safety, and building operations management, working with the Senior Management Team
  • Provides directions with authority to execute various HR, operations, and health and safety decisions for the law school
  • Works in close partnership with the Assistant Dean including projects of a sensitive and confidential nature
  • Resolves people and space problems to improve the overall functioning of the law school
  • Liaises with various departments such as, Faculty Relations, Building Operations, Human Resources, Safety Risk Services, and Campus Security
  • Acutely aware of University policies and practices, collective agreements for both faculty and staff, and provides interpretation, advice and guidance to faculty, staff, and student employees
  • Creates, analyzes and prepares various statistical reports to support the strategic operations and HR and operational functions of the law school.
  • Acts as signing authority on HR documents on behalf of the Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration in her absence
  • Participates on various ad hoc projects as they arise

Human Resources

  • Oversees and manages the appointment and reappointment process of faculty and non-bargaining unit faculty (eg. Associate Deans, Lecturers, Postdoctoral Fellows, Adjunct Professors, Research Associates, Emeriti, ); advises Dean on any issues that may arise through appointment process; provides counsel and advise in these areas with a keen understanding of collective agreement parameters

  • Works directly with the Dean to oversee the annual faculty leave process, and re-appointment processes;
  • Implements all administrative components of the annual faculty salary increase process
  • Manages the administrative process of faculty hiring, faculty reappointments, and Promotion and Tenure as required.
  • Deals with visa and immigration issues in support of staff and faculty recruitment and employment
  • Working in conjunction with the Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration and the Dean of Law, determines strategic HR direction and ensures objectives are in alignment with those of law school
  • Provides one to one employment and performance related counsel to Associate Deans and Senior Staff
  • Evaluates and advises on decisions to personal HR files like medical leaves, accommodations, or personal requests in alignment with university policy and collective agreements
  • Directs, creates and implements short and long-term strategic human resources plans
  • Develops and implements the required organizational and system changes required to maintain optimal human resource and administrative support to the law school
  • Develops overall performance standards and job content and, and works with senior supervisor to support the creation of new position descriptions to meet the strategic targets for staff in the Allard School of Law
  • Researches and determines staffing and classification needs within the Faculty and establishes action plans to meet these needs
  • Oversees and maintains equity in employee classification and pay to ensure fair and equitable pay rates within the law school; researches and identifies appropriate comparators to ensure validity of current classifications and rates as required
  • Develops, implements and maintains standard processes and practices for recruiting and hiring to ensure selection of best candidate; participates in interviews as required
  • Acts as the law school's HR lead on campus wide committees; leads change management strategies on the ground to implement university initiatives
  • Oversees and implements salary increase process for all staff in all bargaining groups (Merit, midpoint progression, general wage increases etc.)
  • Makes probationary, career progress and merit salary increase recommendations to the Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
  • Initiates performance evaluations and disciplinary procedures managing difficult human resource issues such as layoffs, terminations and matters that require sensitive diplomatic resolution ensuring the reputation of the employer and needs of the employee are met
  • Counsels and mentors staff on career development
  • Oversees the proper management of staff vacation, overtime and leave requests
  • Develops and implements strategies and staff training initiatives to ensure effective staff orientation, team building and ongoing professional development
  • Manages the Attendance Management Program for CUPE 2950 and M&P staff as required
  • Develops and manages performance management initiatives for all staff (other than CUPE 2278 and Student Appointees)
  • Interprets and administers collective agreements within the faculty as well as other relevant agreements and employment guidelines for faculty, staff and students
  • Develops and implements organizational changes to meet new initiatives and evolving needs within the faculty
  • Liaises with counterparts in other Units around contemporary or concurrent needs in the Faculty
  • Manages a team of 8, consisting of 6 CUPE administrative support staff, and 2 M&P staff members, supporting a variety of portfolios including: Faculty Hiring, Visiting Scholars, Faculty Committees, Reception, Building/Operations, Event Coordination, overall administrative support
  • Manages performance and disciplinary issues for the team of 8
  • Operations Management

    • Works closely with the Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration to identify space and facility needs and to plan for future requirements
    • Manages and oversees facilities related events including renovation and minor capital projects
    • Identifies and directs faculty alterations and renovations, determining specifications and solutions with Building Operations involving working with planners, project contractors, suppliers, and any other trades required
    • Manages the teaching, research and administrative space of the faculty including space inventory, planning and assignment of space; resolving conflicts as they occur
    • Oversees and monitors the creation of new office space and occupancy arrangements (faculty offices, student areas and research facilities)
    • Identifies, develops and maintains building policies and procedures including use of space, health and safety, and access and security issues
    • Develops and implements policies and procedures for the acquisition, utilization, maintenance and replacement of furniture and office equipment, and supplies. Negotiates leases and purchases of products and services
    • Arranges for minor repairs including emergency and non-emergency situations in collaboration with Building Operations
    • Works closely with Campus Security and RCMP to ensure the safety and security of the building, equipment, residents, and guests
    • Monitors safety and environmental compliance liaising with Health & Safety Department
    • Oversees the opening/closing and alarm scheduling for Allard Hall. Works with Student Services and with the Events Manager regarding building and room access for events
    • Acts as Manager Co-Chair for the Law Joint Occupation and Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC)


    • Approves expenditures and monitors budgets with regards to a variety of supplies, office equipment and building needs
    • Works with Assistant Dean on staff salary budgets and expenses
    • Accumulates, assembles, analyses and prepares materials, statistics and reports for various activities within the faculty for the Assistant Dean

    Performs other duties related to the skills and experience of this position as required.

    Consequence of Error/Judgement

    As a key position within the faculty, this position has a significant influence on the quality and effectiveness of the human resources, administrative, and operational services provided. Personnel administration is both varied and complex and of utmost importance for a smooth functioning organization. Financial data reported to the Assistant Dean must be accurate for proper budget projections, spending allowances and publication. Error in the above situations could cause embarrassment to the Dean and Senior Management Team, labour disagreements and/or general decline of the image of the law school and its reputation.

    Supervision Received

    Works independently under broad directives from the Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration and the Dean of Law.

    Supervision Given

    Directly supervises a team of 8: six administrative support staff and two Management and Professional Staff; provides direction and guidance for all staff in the Allard School of Law, and supports the Dean on HR matters in relation to faculty as required.

    Minimum Qualifications

    Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. A Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on business administration, strategic planning, human resources, and accounting. A minimum of 5 years of experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Several years of experience in a senior administrative and supervisory role within a University environment. Administration, Human Resources and Financial management experience in a large organization, preferably in a variety of employee unions and associations. Effective Human Resource planning and management skills. Demonstrated excellence in managing people, with a sensitivity and level of experience dealing with difficult HR files. Strategic planning skills with the ability to master detail while understanding broader concepts. Ability to identify, as well as creatively solve problems and take initiative to improve processes. Ability to work creatively, resourcefully and effectively. Proven ability to work productively with senior administrative and professional staff and central service units. Exhibited ability to serve in a leadership role where recommendations have significant policy impact. Excellent computer skills including advanced proficiency in Workday. Effective oral and written communications skills, interpersonal skills, supervisory skills, and attention to detail; Ability to think strategically and implement actions to move complex issues forward; Effective time management and superior organizational skills; Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines; Ability to plan and exercise control of human resources; Ability to lead and motivate a team, providing mentoring, monitoring and feedback; Ability to obtain and convey information effectively and with discretion to individuals from all levels of the University and the external community; Proven judgment and decision making skills; Proven ability to work independently in problem solving and managing multiple projects.

    Preferred Qualifications

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