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1751 rue Richardson, Montréal, QC, H3K 1G6

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I challenge the status quo
I express my ideas and propose new solutions
I'm open to suggestions and ideas from others
I take risks and learn from my mistakes

I consult my colleagues to understand their needs, roles and contribution
I share information, knowledge and expertise in a timely manner
I listen with an open mind
I recognize the efforts and achievements of others

I am empathic to others
I value people's time
I welcome feedback
I'm dedicated to deliver on my commitments

Even during challenging times, I approach things with a winning attitude
I take ownership of my own development to stay current in my field
I go above and beyond for our internal and external customers
I'm flexible and embrace change

Secteurs d'activité

  • Agence de publicité - communications
  • Internet - Web - Multimédia
  • Journaux - Édition - Imprimerie