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InnovOak School is Waterloo Region's newest private school. As our name suggests, we are focused on Innovation while remaining rooted in the traditional values of an exceptional education. We offer grade level programming for students from JK- Grade 12, ensuring that we focus on the best program for each student, without the distractions that occur in other schools.

As an JK-12 education start-up, we pride ourselves on providing a strong academic program that will prepare graduates for post-secondary success. We are prestigious but not pretentious! We are fully aligned with the Ontario Curriculum and have Ministry of Education approval to offer credits towards the OSSD. Our school is prepared for the innovation of tomorrow, located in the historic Ahrens's Shoe Factory in the Kitchener's Victoria Park /Innovation District

The Marketing and Admissions Manager is accountable to the Managing Director for the ongoing organization, development, evaluation, marketing and management for recruitment of students. When done successfully, this role is focused on leveraging strong marketing and communications skills to create natural opportunities for parents and students to enroll into our program. Our academic program sells itself when presented as a grounded and fresh alternative to current educational products currently available in public and private education.

Your skills in marketing and communications along with your ability to understand our target markets, decision makers, and product will translate into parents choosing InnovOak School as their education destination. This is a unique role that does require the successful candidate to understand the school brand, our position, and the mindset of parents. Being a JK-12 school, InnovOak school has a very uniquely branded, quality educational product that requires a talented and enthusiastically genuine person who can find innovative ways to bring our brand to life while aligning with the mission and vision of what we do.

To be effective within this role, the successful candidate must be active within our community while regularly being connected to our school offices. There is some flexibility to work from home occasionally once the candidate is established beyond the probationary period, but the role requires regular public contact.

Areas of Responsibility

Special Events Management

  • Participate in the design, development and planning of various recruitment events that originate with the School
  • Take the lead role in the organization of these events: organizing volunteers, technology, venue requirements, and dissemination of information to the participants, day of event logistics and troubleshooting
  • Coordinate the School's participation in larger scale community events or recruiting fairs
  • Seek out new event opportunities for which the School should take part
  • Ensure that outreach and community support events align to the academic goals of the school and administration
  • Arrange and organize visits of potential students and parents
  • Provide training and functional direction to School members to assist them when talking to parents or community members as passive recruiters
  • Tailoring events to the diverse parent needs and interests that change in focus from the JK- Grade12 parent experience
  • Ensure that special events support the school academic focus and are aligned with the school leadership

Communications Team Lead

  • Coordinate with staff responsible for maintaining various forms of communication for the School in order to ensure accurate and current information about recruitment, outreach activities and school wide outward communications.
  • Write, edit and review recruitment and outreach materials developed for targeted marketing
  • Assist the school principal with all external communications (presentation preparations, proofreading, media talking points etc)
  • Develop a wide range of marketing materials focused on overall brand reputation, recruitment and outreach (including print and posting (blog entries, website content, brochures, talking notes, google ads, social media, and school communications)
  • Revise and edit internal materials to ensure procedures, practices, and school wide materials are up to date and in a polished format
  • Support the school administration with internal messaging, and ensuring timely communications
  • Working closely with the senior administrative team to manage ongoing communications with external sources (both good news and crisis management
  • Ensure regular feedback to the School through follow-up with non-successful leads regarding experiences of the participants who were not recruited
  • Participate in social media responses to target audiences by constantly leveraging platforms to raise brand awareness, engage potential leads, and act as a positive ambassador for the brand
  • Be actively engaged with brand engagement and developing connections within the community of a regular basis
  • Inform and update the Managing Director of the School or designate on the progress of all recruitment and engagement targets on a weekly basis

Ongoing Professional Development

  • Continue to learn through professional development, about current recruitment and marketing resources and best practices and be able to recognize opportunities to improve recruitment events and activities, and assist in the realization of such opportunities
  • Maintain a working knowledge of all academic programs in order to correctly answer any queries from prospective students and their families
  • Develop a deep understanding of our entry points and tailor our school marketing to parents of JK, Grade 6, Grade 9 and Grade 11
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of all school activities and events in order to speak to parents with an authentic understanding of the types of academic and nonacademic areas of interest for specific groups

Marketing Expertise

  • Create marketing/recruitment plans to target various audiences that would be interested in each different area of the school (JK, OSSD, COOP, etc)
  • Research potential event opportunities and work with school staff to organize approved events
  • Monitor current strategies and adjust plans and target groups as required
  • Coordinate the development of various marketing materials within the AMC department
  • Ensure that all marketing aligns to the vision of the school, and supports the academic program which is led by the school principal
  • Monitor materials, supporting the finished product created by school administration to ensure consistent messages are given
  • Work to establish, develop and market a variety of recruitment pipelines/ partnerships with local daycares, feeder schools, developing those relationships and materials to capture potential student and parent interest for JK, Grade 1, Grade 7, Grade 9, and Grade 11
  • Take a leadership role in enhancing, managing, and developing the Community Marketing Partner Program for generating passive recruiting referrals
  • Establishing specialized marketing materials, campaigns, methods, and strategies to meet the diverse parent interests at the JK/SK, Grade 1-3, Grade 4-6, Grade 7-8, and Grade 9-12 demographics
  • Ability to leverage social media to capitalize on target market habits (e.g. influencers, Facebook groups, online events, etc.)
  • Assisting in creating and developing a solid messaging and recruitment plan that focuses on our program versus selling

Financial Accountability

  • Assist the Managing Director in ensuring the recruitment, marketing, and communications budgets are all established
  • Ensure that relevant budget lines are managed with fiscal responsibility and all internal accounting practices are followed
  • Research costs and potential sources of suppliers for recruitment materials, events, and outreach materials
  • Produce a budget outline for events or outreach for approval
  • Monitor recruitment purchases and expenditures to ensure school funds are used as intended.
  • Complete purchase requisitions and expense claims based on financial practices established by the school

Role Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor's degree in communications, marketing, events planning or related disciplines
  • Ability to effectively and creatively communicate with our target markets in a clear and refined (oral and written) manner, adapting to nonverbal social and emotional cues of an audience
  • Ability to understand and relate to the concerns, mindset, and goals of parents looking for a private school education
  • Excellent, proven, marketing, analytical and creative design skills

  • Experience creating various forms of communication for print, the web, social media, electronic mail and written document preparation
  • Progressive experience planning and managing events and event volunteers
  • Demonstrated public-speaking or public facing experiences
  • Ability to work in Kitchener Ontario as a Canadian citizen
  • Intermediate word-processing, Excel, Power Point; Creative design and web management software; Digital camera and Audio-Visual equipment operation
  • Demonstrated use of sound judgement, tact, diplomacy and problem-solving skills to build positive relationships with individuals of varying levels of education and skill
  • Proven ability to take initiative, work independently to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines and as part of a team in a complex and dynamic environment

  • Able to work with flexibility and collaboratively in creatively supporting the ideas/ goals of the senior administrative team, using skills and experience to create and implement plans
  • Thorough understanding of integrated marketing and how marketing, communications, and enrolment are intertwined
  • Regular working hours, some evening/weekend work required
  • Occasional travel required

Exceptional Candidates Would Bring

  • A solid understanding of the entire JK-12 student experience and a strong understanding of the parent mindset.
  • Deep understanding of goals, needs and interests that are held by parents interested in a high quality private school education
  • Well-developed understanding of parent needs and values in regards to education - usually obtained through life and work experiences within Canada
  • Marketing experience/ brand development in a startup company role
  • Existing networks of parents and community connections that can be used to positively connect our marketing to the community
  • Private school experience is a definite plus
  • Solid understanding of education, educational programming, teaching, and recruitment of students is a definite plus

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