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Job Description :

Our team is responsible for building the graphic user interface for couple of Cloud (SaaS) and On-promise based products. We're looking for a highly motivated individual who can thrive in a fast pace environment and successfully contribute to the team. The ideal candidate will have a can-do attitude, passion for technology, extensive development experience, and will be able to learn quickly.

Job Responsibility:

- Create, code and implement web-based user interfaces for Fortinet products.

- Collaborate with graphic designers and backend development teams to construct and implement user interfaces.

- Incorporate and refine JS modularization, automated test coverage. - Debugging and troubleshooting with QA.

- Be active in code reviews and discussions to learn, share knowledge, and improve code quality across the codebase.

Job skills required:

Proficient with any of Angular/React/Vue framework and related libraries, Familiar with web component is a plus. Strong in OOP, Functional Programming and MVC concepts in JavaScript

Extensive experience with HTTP 1.1+ and Ajax, Websocket.

Extensive experience with HTML, JavaScript (ES5/6), CSS.

Familiar with Node.js, any of Golang/C/C++ programming is preferred.

Familiar with d3.js or other chart library.

Familiar with Babel, Webpack, RequireJS, Grunt, Gulp, etc. tools.

Strong analysis, problem solving and troubleshooting skills A collaborative personality, enjoy working in a team-oriented environment


Bachelor's or Master's degree in STEM majors

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