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Rivalry has been pushing the boundaries on what an esports betting product can be, and we've been doing it well. As our user base grows and we enter new global regions, the demand to create new and better products is increasing. We're focused on having the best product in the gambling space. We aren't willing to accept being marginally better.

We are working hard to create something leaps and bounds above anything else out there. We are investing heavily into our product development team and are looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer (Frontend) to join us on this journey.

Does that sound fun? Keep reading!

The Role

By this point we assume that you're interested in esports as you've kept reading this post.

As a highly skilled and experienced frontend developer you will be dedicated to creating the best betting website in the world. You will work alongside both experienced and intermediate developers. You will be asked to collaborate with others as well as lead projects yourself.

With this being a more senior role you will be expected to work alongside our Lead Frontend Developer and plan out smaller sections of work to take lead of yourself. This role is one part planning tasks and knowledge sharing with the team, one part solo coding work, and one part team resource where people can lean on you for support.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with a modern stack, focusing both on web performance and developer quality of life. We're a team that Pair Programs often, holds regular standup and plays games together regularly. We are a rapidly changing organization and are always open to discuss what we're focusing on and how we're getting there. We expect that you'll be a part of our feature planning, as well as helping vet our implementation options.

You will also be a part of:

  • Leading a small team with a singular focus for the sprint, where you can report back to the Lead Frontend
  • Brainstorming sessions where you will contribute ideas to future features
  • Sprint Planning, where you will break down large epics into smaller actionable tasks with details
  • Code Reviews, providing feedback and direction to others
  • Pair Programming over Tuple, providing support to team members
  • Prototyping concepts as a part of idea exploration

What you will bring to the team

  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • Vue or React JS (We code in Vue only)
  • NodeJS and Server Side Rendering concepts
  • Responsive design concepts, with a focus on mobile
  • Creating functional user interfaces from theoretical discussion or wireframes
  • Frontend Asset Optimization (SVGs, image compression, minimal DOM depth)
  • Frontend Tooling (webpack, eslint, prettier, etc)
  • Testing your work (browser testing, unit tests, storybook, etc)
  • Any design experience is a plus

A breakdown of our stack:

  • Core product API is run via Laravel, deployed elsewhere
  • Multiple Nuxt.js applications we use internally, one large production app
  • Translation into multiple languages
  • Frontend stack hosted on vercel
  • Custom TailwindCSS Theme across all our apps
  • Storybook integration for documentation and real time component building
  • Universal linting/formatting via prettier/eslint for the team

Why work at Rivalry?

  • We offer a competitive salary and total rewards package including a comprehensive benefits package and stock options (we believe it's important for our people to own a piece of the company and share in our success).
  • A chance to work in one of the most exciting and rapidly growing industries
  • Work with an extremely talented team who share a love for video games and esports on truly innovative projects; we're not your typical online gambling site - we're a tech company first, and a gambling company second
  • Work where you get your best work done. Whether that's in an office (when it's safe enough) or in the comfort of your own home. Our offices are located in Toronto, but a large portion of our company works remotely across 17 different countries.
  • Free video games! Every Rivalry employee gets a monthly stipend to spend on games.


Rivalry is an esports/sports betting and entertainment startup on the hunt to revolutionize an entire industry. We exists to grow esports, from the grassroots communities to the professional players and leagues.

Driven by our passion for games, we are delivering the most comprehensive offerings and product innovations to a new generation of players. All while being deeply committed to responsible betting.

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