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We've built an email/SMS marketing product used by thousands of the best ecommerce and event companies. We ingest tons of real-time customer data from partners like Shopify and Eventbrite, organize it all, and then let our clients use it to send wicked SMS and email campaigns to their customers.

In the last year, our annual recurring revenue has more than doubled and we're looking for someone to join our engineering team to help us build and grow! We're an insanely effective team of 14, and currently hiring 3 more team tembers (you'll be #15, and engineer #3)! Originally based out of Kitchener, our team is now fully remote and distributed across Canada.

We're a profitable SaaS company funded by our own revenue, so we operate differently than similar VC-funded companies or larger companies. Instead of meeting investor deadlines and expectations, we get to work on things we think are awesome and bring direct value to Hive. There won't be an opportunity to join our company this early ever again.

We're looking for someone who's passionate about building and shipping software - we want to hear why you're excited about Hive, what impact you want to have, and how we can help you make that happen.

What a typical week may look like at Hive:

  • Fully own new features you choose to build, as you architect and build them based directly on customer needs and input from product, design, and engineering team members
  • Brainstorm and discuss ways to solve scaling problems as usage continues to grow - quickly
  • Contribute to our roadmap directly: prioritizing new product ideas from customer feedback each week
  • Build internal tooling to make our small but mighty engineering team even mightier!
  • Work directly with our customer success team to identify, triage, and solve problems using loads of metrics and debugging tools

Past Projects:

  • We built a state-based pipeline to send tens of millions of personalized emails and SMS every day, while maximizing deliverability and reducing spam complaints based on real-time feedback from email providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.
  • We built a simple UI to let our clients easily query their own customer data. Behind the scenes, it executes queries against billions of data points across different types of databases and combines the results together in seconds.
  • Using Kubernetes and Docker, we re-built the infrastructure and tooling that powers our background task processing system, which runs billions of jobs every day. We're able to dynamically scale up and down our total processing capacity automatically based on workload - which means things execute faster for our clients, we save loads of money on idle servers, and our engineers can sleep at night.
  • We designed and built a Javascript SDK that other developers (our clients and partners) integrate directly on their websites and online stores to pump customer preferences and behaviour into Hive. Our customers run some of the highest-traffic websites on the internet (large ecommerce merchants and ticketing websites), so our was built to SDK handle web-scale traffic from day 1.

Minimum Requirements:

  • You've built things in the past you're proud of, and you're passionate about building things. You're excited by solving problems, often using new technologies.
  • Experience building web applications using some sort of frontend framework (like React) and backend framework (like Django or Rails). * Experience with other frameworks is cool too!
  • Experience interacting with data stored in various types of databases (like MySQL, MongoDB, or Elasticsearch). Experience with other databases is cool too!
  • Experience working with others on a shared codebase using source control (like Git). You might have a great CS or Engineering degree, or something else, or you dropped out, or you didn't even go to school! Our team is made up of all kinds of smart people.

Bonus points:

  • Proficiency with Python and Django
  • Proficiency with React and Redux

Bottom line... We're looking for curious, hardworking, down-to-earth people. You'll be well taken care of: meaningful equity, salary, and the benefits you need to be happy and healthy.

TO APPLY: Send your resume along with a little bit about yourself and why you want to work here via Isarta.

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