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What's the job?

  • We are looking for a Social Media and Content Coordinator to join our growing team. We are a digital media department within Outgive that offers social media subscription content to client brands on a monthly basis.
  • You will be responsible for creating social media content, UGC ads and personable videos for Instagram, Tiktok and more for our client brands and for the digital media department.
  • You will also be responsible for managing influencer content and sourcing various influencers on social media to try various products and services.
  • Ultimately you will be our social media guru, reporting to the Social Media Content Lead for all assignments.

The ideal candidate will be able to:


  • Apply appropriate research to client brands to find the best ways to advertise their service on social media, whether through Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, etc., then advise accordingly.
  • Create professional photos and videos suitable for social media feeds such as Instagram and Tiktok.
  • Researching and understanding the latest trends on various social media platforms and executing them in creative ways for our clients.
  • Creating content for the Digital Media Agency's social media pages.
  • Fulfilling client social media subscription orders by filming UGC videos, and product ads and shooting professional photography in a fun and bubbly manner.
  • Scout and reach out to potential influencers or product testers for various clients.
  • Comfortable with showing your face and personality in multiple video ads for various brands.

Example: Please see the following accounts on Instagram for an example of our client content

  • @handfuel
  • @simplyproteincanada
  • @flourishpancakes
  • @goodproteinca
  • @fleo

In addition, we will provide you with new learning opportunities, the ability to execute your own creative ideas and continuous professional development for your career.

Is it remote and what are the hours like?

This position is mostly remote but we will require you to be able to travel to our HQ in Markham and Mississauga locations at times to partake in photoshoots, video shoots with the team and to pick up various products.

What's the pay?

Starting at $40,000 with a big emphasis on ?starting?! We're hoping to continuously grow your skills, this role and the salary that comes with it!

Am I qualified for the position?

We don't believe in a strict list of ?qualifications?. We care more about the passion for the industry and role, the grit you have to learn new challenges, and your ability to work well with others who you can learn from! Here are some general guidelines of what we are looking for:

  • (products may contain alcohol or suggestive of alcohol consumption. You will never be asked to consume alcohol for content creation purposes.)
  • Experience with social media content creation on Instagram, Tiktok and possibly YouTube with substantial responses via likes and comments.
  • Some marketing experience or background in sales and customer service.
  • Experience managing social media accounts or creating content for social media that is not your own.
  • Professional photography experience with a portfolio of images appropriate for social media content.
  • Familiarity with UGC content and the ability to create a mock UGC video upon request.
  • Outgoing personality and correspondence skills when interacting with potential influencers via outreach.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with multiple projects and deadlines.
  • A can-do attitude and the ability to work well in collaboration with a team.

Bonus points: Experience with professional videography, photo and video editing or YouTube content creation is a plus!

Will I be able to succeed in this role?

Take a moment to ask yourself if you embody some, if not all, of our 4 G's - grit, growth, gratitude and greatness. If you think you have a driven personality combined with an appreciation for collaboration, teamwork and creative freedom, then you definitely belong here!

How do I apply?

If you got this far and still feel excited about the opportunity, complete an application here: media/12606

Please also submit your resume, a cover letter on why you would be great for the position, a portfolio with examples of photo and video content as well as your Instagram and Tiktok profiles.

About Outgive:

Outgive is the parent organization of several different brands and companies. All of them have one thing in common, and that is e-commerce! We are a fast-growing company at the intersection of technology and digital marketing. With humble beginnings in Toronto, Outgive was established in 2013 by two friends and has grown to become a global team of 350+ specialized experts. As Outgivers, we share a passion for the e-commerce and digital industry, supporting collaboration and diversity, and finding innovative ways to carve success for our clients and ourselves. Our company values consist of 4Gs - Grit, Growth, Greatness, and Gratitude. These are the values that drive all of us here to keep growing and learning.

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