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Staff - Non Union

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Job Title

Talent Acquisition & Engagement Specialist


DAE Talent Management 2 (Shannon Matharu)

Posting End Date

June 26, 2022

Note: Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on the day prior to the Posting End Date above.

Job Description Summary

Acting as a Talent Acquisition & Engagement Specialist for certain units and divisions within the portfolios of Development and Alumni Engagement (DAE), External Relations and Office of University Counsel (OUC), this position is responsible for:

  • providing the portfolio with general Human Resource related activities with a focus on talent acquisition and engagement
  • advising on full cycle recruitment, selection and strategy
  • providing advice and making recommendations on human resources management issues such as contract interpretation, job evaluation, classification and performance management

This position has a primary focus for developing and implementing a recruiting program that will attract the high quality talent needed to execute and achieve established goals and objectives for both portfolios. The ideal candidate will be someone who understands the importance of relationship building and fosters the attitude of thinking outside traditional talent acquisition strategies. Duties and accountabilities include recruitment of talent as well as establishing and maintaining an active network of contacts throughout the community, performs staff retention pattern analysis and makes recommendations as well as ensures accurate preparation of all documents related to employment offers. Manages the classification, recruitment and compensation business processes and ensures accurate, effective and efficient use of the HRMS (Human Resource Management System) in consultation with the HR Managers, HR Coordinator and HR Assistants.

Provides advice and recommendations on a wide range of human resources management matters for the DAE and External Relations portfolios including CUPE 2950 and M&P employment groups. Provides general advice and guidance in regards to interpretation of the collective agreements and other agreements and handbooks governing conditions of employment. Responds to enquiries from managers, supervisors, and employees. Refers all complex and sensitive HR issues to the HR Managers accordingly.

Organizational Status

Reports to the Human Resources Manager. Works with all levels of management and staff in the DAE, and External Relations and OUC portfolios as well as collaboratively with the DAE HR team and provides day to day work guidance of the HR Coordinator and HR Assistants.

Works with various departments within UBC, including the Central UBC Human Resources Department.

Work Performed

1. Oversees and manages the recruitment cycle process from recruitment through to selection. Partners with hiring managers to:

  • Drive and sustain a high quality of recruitment activity for all open positions; creatively source for candidates and establishing a pipeline for Development and fundraising staff;
  • Understand the competitive market for positions within the DAE and C&P portfolios and be able to make recommendations to capitalize on opportunities for recruitment and retention initiatives;
  • Advise Managers in the development of job descriptions, working with them to ensure existing job descriptions reflect and are aligned with position responsibilities;
  • Review and assess job descriptions and classification levels ensuring equity among positions in the department and portfolios. Consults with Compensation Associates/Consultants in Central Human Resources where appropriate;
  • Create and foster relationships with diverse professional organizations as well as educational institutions to attract and recruit candidates at all levels;
  • Manage the candidate experience by ensuring that all candidates have positive interaction with UBC at all stages of the recruitment process;
  • Perform project work related to ongoing recruiting and retention initiatives; and
  • Conduct assessments, make recommendations for improving our recruitment approach, initiate and evaluate opportunities for developing and implementing departmental recruitment best practice tools and resources.

2. Manages and oversees compensation matters and salary administration activities with Central HR, Compensation, and department Managers regarding such as:

  • Job description reviews;
  • Recommended classification levels proposing recommendations to facilitate equity among positions within the Portfolio.

3. Oversees compensation matters and supports departmental managers on implementation of salary administration for all staff groups including probationary period, progression to midpoint and merit increases.

4. Responsible for the coordination of leave management records (vacation, sick and attendance). Oversees all leave management activities including maternity, parental, medical, unpaid leaves as well as reduced appointment and secondments.

5. Responsible for the accurate preparation and approvals of all documents (paper or electronic) related to staff transactions including; employment offers, salary changes, leaves, promotions, layoffs, resignations, retirement, transfers, promotions etc. and ensure that they adhere to the various employment agreements.

6. Provides information and advice to employees regarding the interpretation of collective agreements and other agreements and handbooks governing conditions of employment.

7. Leads all aspects of the onboarding process, coordinating training, support with system and application set-up, and working with managers and DAE HR team to ensure proper employee orientation to UBC and the portfolios.

8. Advises on and authorizes forms relating to processing employee items ensuring accuracy is maintained (e.g. change in salary, change in position, transfer and severance, etc.).

9. Assists with the coordination of Human Resources training programs and coordinates other special projects as required, including updating and maintaining internal process manuals.

10. Provides information and general advice on University policies, procedures and practices and refers highly sensitive matters to a Human Resources Manager for advice and guidance.

11. Provides information and general advice regarding legislation affecting the work place (e.g. Employment Standards, Human Rights Code, and Freedom of Information).

12. Leads projects related to creating efficiencies and effectiveness and/or in response to client feedback to enhance daily operational requirements and service levels within role which include: Portfolio wide orientations, engagement initiatives and learning and development.

13. Supports immigration processes and administration as required.

14. Participates in the development and implementation of HR policies and procedures for the Portfolios.

15. Supports organizational change initiatives within the portfolios for example integrated distributed model and opening of Alumni Centre.

16. Participates in the development and the delivery of training programs as required.

17. Participates on University and departmental committees as required.

18. Performs other HR duties and HR projects as required.

Consequence of Error/Judgement

Inappropriate advice or inaccurate information provided to client may result in the filing of grievances, arbitration processes, or the initiation of litigation. Any of these outcomes may have significant financial consequences for client departments, may have a negative impact on the University s relationship with unions and associations and/or may contribute to an unfavorable public image of the University. Failure to deliver services to departments in a timely manner may result in a disruption of client department operations. If confidentiality is mishandled or breached, professional careers may be affected. Providing incorrect data could have adverse budgetary consequences; mismanagement of staff could cause distress and diminish work flow, adversely affecting staff morale and operation of the Department.

Supervision Received

Works autonomously with minimal supervision from the HR Manager. Assesses situations and identifies needs and problems, and takes timely and appropriate corrective actions.

Supervision Given

May supervise temporary staff and/or consultants, as required. Provides day to day work guidance of the HR Coordinator and HR Assistants.

Preferred Qualifications

Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline.Minimum of three years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience.Human resources experience preferably in a complex, unionized environment. Thorough knowledge of current Human Resources. Management practices, with a particular focus on strategic recruitment practices and ability to effectively source and recruit candidates. Knowledge of provincial and federal legislation governing employers Human Resources practices. Knowledge and experience with a coaching model to influence and provide advice. Effective oral and written communication skills. Proven ability to work in a team and collaborate with others. Ability to establish and maintain supportive working relationships with department personnel and employee group representatives. Advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. This position requires attention to detail, accuracy, problem solving, judgment, tact, discretion and initiative to an outstanding degree as it relates to HR matters. Handles matters of both routine and non-routine nature in the absence of established policies, procedures and guidelines and requires the ability to adapt to continuous change. Works with conflicting demands and initiates, adapts and prioritizes procedures to meet unusual situations. This position handles sensitive and highly confidential matters (i.e. personal information of staff), and confidentiality of information handled must be respected. Ability to analyze and interpret data, determine implications, and provide recommendations. Ability to analyze problems, identify key information and issues, and effectively resolve.

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