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We are currently seeking a Marketing/Customer Service Representative for our quickly growing event marketing company right here in Vancouver/Burnaby. We provide marketing, advertising and consulting services to large national companies and corporations. We identify and develop new streams of revenue for clients through on-site promotions, innovative marketing strategies and advertising campaigns with a personal touch. Every product campaign is executed uniquely for each client's researched target market.

We are now looking for an additional layer of self-motivated individuals to assist in the marketing events. We also offer the opportunity for staff members interested in the advancement, to grow into a role as a Campaign Manager, where you would help and develop new clients. This position is considered to be a crucial member of the Special Events team and reports directly to the Compliance team and Management.

Job Summary:

The successful candidate will be an integral part of our client's marketing and advertising organization. They will assist the Marketing Manager in developing and executing a successful public relations strategy and will receive full training in marketing and business development through an award-winning management training program.

What You'll Learn:

  • How our dynamic team creates business solutions unmatched by competitors
  • How Sales & Marketing fits into the big picture of what drives every great company
  • Marketing yourself to others inside and outside of your professional life
  • How fun at work actually creates a progressively more successful company culture
  • Developing & Managing a relationship with a growing client


  • Fast track career growth
  • Strong team environment
  • National and international company travel opportunities
  • Team building work environment
  • Personal and professional coaching by the industry's finest
  • Leadership development
  • Hourly Wage

Qualities Our Team Members Exemplify:

  • Work well under pressure - Our clients are household names and expect our teams to deliver their best work and adhere to strict deadlines. Nevertheless, our team remains calm, cool, collected and confident in our ability to deliver results.
  • Learn from mistakes - Everyone makes them. Our management encourages an environment where we examine data carefully, adapt accordingly and modify our training and overall game plan. We do not get discouraged but seek the right questions and answers.
  • Demand precision - We do not leave anything to chance. Through the use of proper tools, diverse training, and innovative solutions, we are able to meet our clients growing business needs. We are not afraid to take chances, but we take all available measures to reduce risk.
  • Setting goals - We consistently evaluate our team members' performance and assess current and future capabilities in order to develop our team's maximum potential through training and mentorship. Our management is also not afraid to look for their own areas of improvement as well.
  • Stay humble - We have an open-door policy and our team members are not scared to ask for help. They seek assistance and employ the latest methodologies to become even better.

Candidates Must:

  • Be able to travel to our office in Burnaby on a daily basis
  • Candidates must have a valid driver's license and reliable transportation
  • Be looking for a full time (40 hours a week)
  • Speak English fluently
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Leadership experience
  • Ability to work in a high energy environment
  • Ambition, strong work ethic, and open to new ideas
  • Be a self-starter with problem-solving skills
  • Be a career-oriented individual

We are seeking motivated individuals to help us grow our Marketing & Sales Team. Because we are entry-level, you do not need a background in marketing or sales. But, you DO need to have the above characteristics to be successful at our firm.

About NuVision Promotions.:

NuVision Promotions is a promotional event marketing firm dedicated to transforming our clients' brands through effective marketing campaigns. We're enthusiastic about building interactive campaigns that intrigue and attract potential customers. Our client centred approach, as well as our top-notch services, has allowed us to understand our clients' goals and accordingly formulate a strategy that will help them to gain additional customers. At NuVision, we work with well-known firms. With our unique approach to sales and marketing, we have met every project's unique business needs. When a client approaches us, before proposing a marketing strategy, we prefer to understand their requirements and create a plan to help them promote their services in the most effective manner.

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