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Job Summary: The Web Developer is responsible for performing a variety of functions in compliance with project specifications and company quality standards to ensure overall customer satisfaction and service. This individual will work with the Sina team on new ecommerce projects, from initial business development and discovery phases through implementation and deployment of the completed project. Assists inside and outside sales staff in promoting services to customers. Schedules all work to meet customer timeframe requirements. Works closely with other staff members to exceed customer satisfaction and service. Supports Web Lead as acting Project Lead as required.

Responsibilities and Duties:

General and Administrative

  • Coordinate with the Web/Software Team to fulfill and prioritize projects, and when necessary reorganize to meet deadline changes and updates.
  • Comply with all OSHA safety requirements.
  • Participate as a key player in the Web Development Team by supporting Web lead and management as acting Project Lead as needed.
  • Communicate effectively with Senior Web Developer and executive manager, the CSR team, and the production team, informing and updating them regularly to guarantee that objectives are met.
  • Follow systems and procedures outlined in the company manuals.
  • Provide support to the internal team to fix the issues and help to achieve various tasks.

Web Development

  • Develop code from scratch and adapt existing applications
  • Provide consultation for web development projects, analyzing their needs and providing instruction or guidance on the web design and development.
  • Under the supervision of the Web Lead, provides technical expertise and leadership for mission critical production web applications, databases and technologies
  • Work with the team on new ecommerce projects from initial development through implementation and deployment of completed project
  • Work in Magento 2 development environment efficiently.
  • Test website, identify technical problems and glitches, and fix
  • Perform regular and ongoing LIVE Website issues.
  • Ecommerce website development / database design
  • Install and configure the Magento ecommerce platform for new projects
  • Create custom ecommerce modules or other new functionalities using object-oriented PHP and the Magento APIs
  • Configure and maintain Linux-based web servers optimized for the ecommerce platform
  • Development and maintenance of new and existing API's
  • Analyze systems, processes for efficiencies and conduct research to evaluate variety of software products
  • Working closely responsible for AWS console management
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Qualifications:
  • Must have 3+ years of experience with PHP/MySQL
  • Must have ability to build applications from scratch
  • Must have an experience with Magento 2 development
  • Knowledge of jQuery, AJAX, PHP Design Patterns
  • Experience using Linux to maintain and configure Apache/MySQL web servers
  • Experience using third party Magento tools and integration.
  • Experience using Version control system like git, Github, SVN
  • Experience using NodeJS
  • Solid experience interacting with MYSQL database systems through abstraction layer (in addition to the ability to write raw SQL queries)
  • Solid experience using PHP to create and consume web services (SOAP, XML-RPC) and/or other experience implementing data integrations within the platform
  • Command line skills is also a plus
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Meet or exceed minimum test results as specified by the hiring manager.

Working Conditions:

  • Intensive computer work and extended use of the computer keyboard and mouse.
  • Sitting for prolonged periods of time - up to 8 hours per day.
  • Working remotely and in office as required at the sole discretion of the company.
  • Occasional lifting of objects up to 20 lbs.
  • Work area may have fluorescent lighting and air conditioning.
  • Noise level is usually moderate to loud.
  • Exposure to ink and chemical fumes, and airborne particles such as paper dust and drying powder.
  • Appearance at all times must represent the company image.
  • Fast-paced environment: subject to numerous schedule and priority changes and short notice activity.
  • Additional hours may be required due to operational requirements.


What we offer:

  • Employer Paid Benefits including but not limited to: Health, Dental, Life, and Vision.
  • Employee/ Family Assistance Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Employee Savings Program
  • Room for growth and advancement
  • Company sponsored learning
  • Employee appreciation events
  • And more!

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SinaLite is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sexual orientation, family status, ethnic origin, colour, sex, age, marital status and/or disability. We are committed to treating all persons with dignity, independence, integration and respect. Alternative formats of this position are available upon request.

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