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Core Responsibilities

  • Provide technical leadership and assumes accountability for a successful implementation phase on client projects.
  • Collaborates with partner web developers, ensuring technical solutions are properly specified and architected, reviewing code for quality assurance purposes.
  • Support projects from inception through beta testing and final product delivery, planning architecture, layout, solutions provided, scoping projects, estimating hours, reviewing all materials, including checking all estimates and specifications.
  • Identify, communicate, and overcome development problems and creative challenges related to complex web and application-based projects.
  • Collaborate with artistic and creative directors, creative teams and web designers throughout projects.
  • Keep current with programming languages/platforms within the web development/web application, and desktop application space.
  • Provide tactical application mentorship to other developers and act as a go-to person within technical areas of expertise.
  • Responsible for various aspects of ongoing support and maintenance contracts or engagements.
  • Partners with account managers and other web developers to successfully manage client relationships.
  • Turns design and user interface mock-ups into functional websites.
  • In a hands-on fashion, ensures all technology solutions are properly architected and specified.
  • Ensures HTML/CSS is cross-browser and standards compliant and meets accessibility requirements.
  • Integrates websites with existing applications or third-party/open-source platforms.

To apply, submit your resume to:

William Kellett, President 

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