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The gatekeeper for every query

What's better than working with one of the best B2B solutions out there? Being part of the team that's building it. Coveo wants to keep building and improving its search index driven by AI and Machine learning and the Search API team is the entry point to all these parts.

They are the gateway to every single query coming in (roughly 665M of them weekly), and they ensure that every single one is dispatched to the right services. If working with that type of technology, and notions like "scaling", "resilience" and "open-minded code" are things that sound like a job cut out for you, you are in for a treat!


  • Maintain one of Coveo's most critical customer-facing services
  • Work with product owners and service teams to interpret requirements
  • Produce, present and discuss design documents with the team and stakeholders
  • Collaborate in defining and shaping our API, being aware that every decision has an impact to those consuming it
  • Investigate and analyze the performance of our services
  • Be hands on with every part of the development life cycle from conception to coding to automated testing to deployment

What are we looking for?

We're evolving in an ever changing field, where new technologies and innovations can help us level-up at any given time. So a tech-savvy person will thrive in our teams. Moreover, we're looking for great minds that will simply CARE about the challenge they will tackle and do the extra steps to make the result not only good, but great.

Personal Attributes:

  • 8+ years experience in backend development
  • A degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related degree (or additional relevant experience)
  • Exceptional experience writing large, complex systems in distributed teams
  • Experience developing web service backends, and service to service architecture
  • An excellent communicator, who enjoys solving hard problems as part of an agile team
  • Core Java - a keen knowledge of JVM internals, such a garbage collection and Java reference types

Nice to have

  • Comfortable with functional programming style, and mixed OO/FP Scala code
  • Experience working with cloud technology, preferably AWS
  • Experience with parsers
  • Experience with frontend development
  • Have a pet who insists on taking over your Zoom meetings

What do we offer?

  • Flexible work conditions: want to work from home full time? No problem! Want to meet your colleagues, take part in social activities or just enjoy a free supply of coffee and tea? Come to one of our offices! You prefer working in the evenings? As long as your team is fine with it, so are we!
  • Training and career growth opportunities: Want to try a new stack, challenge colleagues in a hack-a-thon or learn more best practices in Security or DevOps principles? Go ahead! And the opposite is also true: you have a topic you're fond of and you see colleagues that could benefit from it? Share with them!

Sounds like something up your alley? Reach out to us!

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