Looking for a new graphic/visual designer position but dreading having to go through 8 rounds of interviews? Having flashbacks thinking about being grilled on minute and niche design terminology? Apply to Fraction! Our interview process has been described as "surprisingly humane". There's no trick questions, no all-day onsite interview gauntlet. Here's the full process, broken down:

  • Initial call to make sure you think the position/company is a fit for you. Fraction is a Series A startup, so you have to want to work at a small, rapidly growing company. We'll walk through some of your favourite projects and get an idea of what you're passionate about.
  • Take-home challenge. Takes time, we know, but our hope is that it a) more closely shows how you actually produce work, and b) it is our replacement for the painful all-day onsite that lots of companies do. Takes anywhere from 2-5 hours depending on your speed, so we give people a week to do it. Somewhat unique (as far as we know) is that we actually have every single person in the company across all departments do a take-home challenge. The work will be completely outside Fraction's business, so you can rest assured we aren't doing this to try to get free work done or something sketchy like that.

  • If all goes well, we'll hop on a quick call to go over your take-home, this is your opportunity to brag about the things you created in the challenge. If there are any issues in the challenge that we noticed, we'll discuss them together.

  • A final culture/values interview with the co-founders. This is a chance for you to get some face-time with each of the founders to get a feel for the vision we are trying to enact and to make sure it resonates with you.

What's the work like?

Since the company is so young (launched in February 2021!), there's lots of new projects that we're kickstarting. Alongside them, we have many existing projects that need managing and revisiting (so that we always improve and iterate on what we already have). Some projects that you'll be working on:

  • Aiding the marketing team with email templates and ad creatives (For our recent launch in the US!).
  • Creating a whole host of print-based assets for the marketing and sales teams.
  • Managing and updating design assets for the company website.
  • Revisiting our visual identity and creating a company-wide design best practices guideline.
  • Working on illustrations for various products.
  • A ton of other print/digital design projects that we are keeping secret for now.

Your toolkit will mostly revolve around the Adobe Suite (most likely a heavy use of InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop).

You've also ideally worked with email templating tools like HubSpot and Mailchimp. The work is very collaborative. Not only will you be working as a member of the design team, but you will also be in close communication with all of the Fraction departments.

Remove vs. Onsite?

We want to let people work however they want. You want to work in the office every day, go for it! We have offices in Vancouver, Berkeley, and (soon-to-be) Toronto. You live somewhere else but want an office? Who knows, we could be convinced to open an office for you. You want to work fully remote? Your choice! You can work anywhere in the US or Canada. If you want to travel while working, go for it, as long as you still somewhat overlap with our timezone.

Many of our team members do a hybrid of some days in the office and some days remote, but about half of our team is totally remote - so it's up to you!

What are the expectations?

  • You want to experience all types of design! Although this is primarily a graphic/visual design role, the ability to jump into the unknown is always open. We have tasks in other fields of design (video, product, copy) that you are more than welcome to work on if they peak your interest. Since we are a startup, our designers have a wide variety of work that they get to work on.
  • You have some portfolio pieces you are really proud of! We want to see that you've had working experience on the type of projects we're ramping up.
  • You own your work. We are a young startup, so each and every person has a massive impact on the success of the company. With great power comes great responsibility.
  • Some nice to haves - Webflow experience, HubSpot experience.

Any requirements?

  • Work within North American timezones.
  • Have a portfolio with relevant work.

What about compensation?

Since we are a startup, we often get the question of whether our compensation will be competitive. The answer is yes! We are very well capitalized, and are willing to invest lots in great talent. We often match or beat base salaries compared to most other tech companies. That being said, if you come from a large public company or a mature startup, your total compensation at Fraction could look lower - the reason for that is because our company valuation is lower than these large companies (obviously), so the value of your stock today will be lower. Of course, the flipside is you will have a much larger share of the company than you would at these large companies.

Obviously, this means your total compensation is tied much more to the long-term success of the company, so we want you to believe in the company! That's part of that initial call in the process, where you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want about our business model, how we make money, our vision for the future, our runway, etc.

What does Fraction do?

Fraction is a Series A fintech company. We've come out with the first truly innovative mortgage/HELOC product in the last couple decades. This isn't just a spin on a better application process, it's genuinely a new product in a new category to enable people to access the equity in their homes. Along with the new product, we are building our systems from the ground up to enable a better, faster, and more transparent user experience.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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