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Who is Intouch Insight?

Intouch Insight is a renowned publicly traded company active in field marketing for over 20 years. We are searching for Independent Contractors to perform Mystery Shops and Audits throughout Canada where we currently have opportunities available on a monthly basis in your area. 

How does Mystery Shopping work?

Mystery Shops are covert evaluations, meaning the staff is not aware that they are being evaluated.  The goal is to capture the experience lived by an everyday customer. Whether it be evaluating the customer service, health and safety standards, product/food quality, or compliance regarding the sale of tobacco, vaping or alcohol products. The data gathered by mystery shoppers helps our clients identify what is being done well, or what needs to be improved. 

As a mystery shopper, you would be working as an independent contractor, meaning you would have the flexibility to work around your schedule and pick assignments that interest you such as Gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, retails stores and much more!

How much and how do I get paid? 

Each assignment lists its compensation fee which is based on the scope of work required. Some shops require a purchase to be made which are then reimbursed. This allows you to get free fuel, groceries and meals. 

Payments are securely issued via PayPal every 2 weeks.

How to apply

Please contact Melanie Desjardins by email, or by phone at 1-800-263-2980 ext 237.  

Thank you for your interest in Mystery Shopping with Intouch Insight.  We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you soon!

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