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Inside Sales Representative Job Description

The Inside Sales Representative is typically the first point of contact for many of our prospective customers, making this role very key to ensuring a high level of customer engagement. The right person for the role will possess a strong sense of empathy, will build rapport and trust quickly both with customers and at all levels of the organization internally, and will inspire confidence in their customers and sales teammates. The Inside Sales Representative will align Unreserved's service offerings and unique value proposition to the customer's needs to seamlessly move them through the sales funnel from a prospective lead to a qualified lead position. The Inside Sales Representative will work closely with Unreserved's Sales team to arm them with the information, guidance and positioning needed to build relationships with customers and ultimately, guide them through to a successful transaction on the auction platform.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Relentlessly focus on customer experience, ensuring that each and every interaction is professional, memorable and representative of Unreserved's brand.
  • Work with the Sales Operations Manager to set, track and exceed Service Level Agreements related to customer response time
  • Intake all new customer inquiries coming from social media, email and phone calls
  • Record all customer interactions in the CRM with a high-level of detail, enabling Sales team members to be well informed about the customer's core requirements
  • Identify and categorize customer personas to ensure they are entering the appropriate phase of the customer journey dependent on their requirements and readiness to transact
  • Delegate new leads to the appropriate Sales team members by booking appointments within the team's shared calendar, being cognizant of maximizing the team's bandwidth across properties and customers
  • Prepare templated communications to improve response time and ensure consistency of messaging across channels with customers


  • 3+ years in a fast paced customer service environment
  • High degree of confidence, excellent communication, and the ability to build rapport quickly
  • Experience working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools
  • Experience managing shared calendars, complex scheduling
  • Highly organized, analytical and detail oriented
  • Willingness to be a team player who is always ready for a challenge and ready to support their colleagues and customers

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