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Role Overview

Virtro is at the leading edge of AI natural language processing technology. We are truly passionate about developing Virtual Humans that help learners to practice skills they are trying to master. Our Virtual Humans have unscripted, content-specific dialogue

  • it's a game changer!

With this same leading edge thinking, we are looking for someone who is absolutely passionate about using the latest tech to blow-up our digital marketing. The right person will be totally up to speed with the latest solutions in automation via integrations and webhooks, chatbots, the web, and eager to put them to use in smart, well-executed marketing drives.

Let's be straight up with each other

  • if you like WordPress or other dated technology you're reading the wrong job advert. If you think digital marketing is all about placing advertisements on Facebook, we're not the right match for each other. And if you have no idea what API's or webhooks are, never looked into automation technology, or don't live to deliver personalized customer experiences
  • then this is not the job for you.

We are leaders in our space and need our Digital Marketing Specialist to be on fire as you discuss LinkedIn strategies, design the conversation flow for a new chatbot, and utilize tools to know when customers visit our sites so we can engage real-time or create copy with a more passionate and personalized message that resonates with our clients.

Yes, this role is for someone that is a leader and wants to push the boundaries in digital marketing. Show us what you have been working on and share your passion for changing up our digital marketing delivery.

Duties and Responsibilities

Be constantly innovating and improving our digital footprint. We are outcome focused and not afraid to try new strategies. You will be heavily involved in strategizing our pathway forward to share our message.

Share your successes and marketing performance, including traffic generated by channels and efficiency in addition to insights into weekly changes during weekly reviews.

Always be performing market analyses to understand opportunities for improved performance in new and existing channels.

Always be learning and pushing the boundaries in new technology

  • especially smart AI and personalized customer interactions.

Because you are super interested and amazingly proud of the tech our team is developing, you are always doing your part in blasting our message out through all the different digital and social channels. You want everyone to know how amazing Virtual Humans are.

Skills and Abilities

Ability to creatively express and share our story

Good organizational and time management skills

Receptive to constructive criticism and able to work well under pressure

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Qualifications and Requirements

You need to walk the walk

  • not just talk the talk.

We want to see how you are putting your knowledge into action.

Be prepared to demonstrate how you are applying this technology. Show us dynamic pages or automations you have created by adding them to your application.

We are looking for a leader in digital marketing. Are you that

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