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*ASD Early Intervention/Communication Specialist (SLP)

Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education

ASD Early Intervention/Communication Specialist (SLP)

1.00 FTE


First Available to Permanent, Assumed Permanent and Surplus Teachers of the AVRCE

Second Available to Term Recall Round One Teachers of the AVRCE

Third Available to Term Recall Round Two Teachers of the AVRCE

Fourth Available to Employment Equity Applicants

Fifth Available to External Applicants

Closing Date: Midnight, June 7th


  • Provides support to students diagnosed with ASD who have language and communication and social skill challenges who are transitioning into school and who require programming support in the first few years of public school education.
  • Provides support to teachers and Teaching Support Teams in the development and implementation of communication programming and specific teaching strategies for identified students.
  • Contributes to the assessment and individualized program planning process with school staff and families to maximize learning experiences for students with ASD.


  • A Master's Degree or equivalent in Speech Language Pathology.
  • Eligible for Nova Scotia Teacher Certification.
  • A minimum of 5 years' experience working in school settings with children with ASD.
  • Current knowledge of ASD, the impact on learning, communication and social engagement for young children ASD in public school settings.
  • Familiarity with traditional and contemporary ABA approaches including the STAR Program, Verbal Behaviour, PRT and other naturalistic behavioural interventions.
  • Has taken or willing to take the ASD online course ASD and Behavioural Interventions: An Introduction for School Personnel.

Responsibilities :

  • Works in collaborative, culturally responsive and inclusive ways with the ASD Specialist, classroom and learning support teachers to develop programming for students with ASD i transitioning from pre-primary to primary and in grades Primary-3.
  • Establish, demonstrate, model and evaluate interventions for identified students in whole class, targeted small group and 1:1 setting.
  • Provide programming and assessment of progress support to the Student Planning and Teaching Support teams.
  • Maintain data and progress reports for students on caseload.
  • Work respectfully and collaboratively with administration, classroom teachers, learning support teachers, and school-based specialist staff (i.e., SLPs, ASD Specialists/Autism Support Teachers, School Psychologists).
  • Provide on-going coaching and professional learning opportunities to school staff regarding language, communication, and social skill interventions and supports for students with ASD.
  • Keep current and pursue continuing education and professional development in ASD and other areas of education pertinent to the position.
  • Carry out other responsibilities as designated by the Student Services Supervisor in the RCE /CSAP.

Competencies Required:

  • Proven ability to work as a contributing member of Teaching Support and Student Planning teams.
  • The ability to apply training and experience to develop and implement individualized communication programs and teaching strategies based on the individual needs of students.
  • Excellent communication (written, oral and electronic), problem solving and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Provincial and Regional Education Centre or CSAP policies, guidelines and procedures and the rights and responsibilities of parents, students, teachers, and schools as they relate to individuals with diverse learning needs.

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