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Our Mission: Legible will empower and connect authors and readers through open access to a global reading and publishing platform. Legible is making books beautiful and accessible.

Our Community Values: Beauty, Integrity, Equity, and Love

At Legible, we make books easy to access from anywhere on the globe, with nothing but a browser and an internet or cell connection

  • no special devices necessary! No paper, no waste. Just beautifully written words on exquisitely designed digital pages.

Books have always been, as Stephen King put it, ?a uniquely portable magic,? and we aim to make them even more portable

  • to connect more authors and readers around the world than ever before. And to bring new and diverse voices to the readers who most need to hear them.


What makes this job different

The Director, Marketing and Digital Growth applies data-driven insights and an end-to-end customer view to drive revenue growth and brand recognition for Legible. This senior role is directly responsible for the marketing strategy

  • social, PR, paid and organic marketing, data analytics and business insights. The Director, Marketing and Digital Growth combines expertise in a range of growth channels including paid acquisition, re-targeting, email marketing and affiliate marketing with a deep understanding of our consumer segments and the consumer journey and to help define how best to message the value proposition for each context and step of engagement. Work key consumer channels and build partner relationships with Publishers to attract new consumers to Legible and get the Legible message out!

What you'll be doing

  • Work with executive leadership, sales, and a Marketing Strategy consultant to evolve strategies, campaigns, and plans.
  • The Marketing Manager will be responsible for providing input on any proposed strategies, devising new and creative strategies, and seamlessly executing the strategies to inform the market initially and keep the market informed of developments on Legible projects at all stages.
  • Oversee marketing strategy and be the single source of truth
  • we have multiple streams of information and direction, you'd be the one to collate this all together, develop a plan and implement it.
  • Lead user acquisition, retention, and monetization strategy across all direct digital channels.
  • Creatively develop and build brand recognition from the ground up through all digital channels, influencer/partnerships, social, PR and grassroots marketing.
  • Manage and own the product forecast, budget and P and L.
  • Ability to optimize an online assortment, identify and deliver trends and strong digital merchandising experience.
  • Establish priorities and strategies for the full range of marketing initiatives including digital channels, influencer/partnerships, social, PR, and grassroots marketing .
  • Ensure effective data collection, storage and analysis that provide actionable insights for the product teams.
  • Lead growth initiatives including price promotions, cross-promotion, referrals, affiliates, partnership opportunities.
  • Conceive of, execute and evaluate new growth initiatives across all channels.
  • Create financial models to inform key business decisions.
  • Engage the product and content teams in efforts to improve user acquisition, conversion and retention.
  • Deliver effective webinars by choosing topics, liaise with speakers and guest speakers, execute effective promotional campaigns
  • Engage with the community on social media channels, with planned posts (owned and curated content), partner engagement, active dialogue with community leaders. Execute marketing campaigns via social media.
  • Create sales tools
  • e.g. informational sell sheets and presentations
  • Manage the marketing tech stack
  • e.g. configuring CRM, automation tools, prospecting/research tools, webinar tools, website, etc.
  • Support engagement and appreciation with current clients and referral partners
  • e.g. gifting programs
  • In all cases, define measures of success, align intended outcomes with sales objectives, track progress towards goals, report results and refine approach based on results
  • Maintain the Legible website, including but not limited to; backups maintenance, troubleshooting, page creations, copy updates (Web development, HTML, and Javascript experience not required).


  • Expert knowledge of digital marketing best practices.
  • Analytical and data driven
  • with Forecasting, budgeting, and P and L experience.
  • Experience and end-to-end management of a D2C eCommerce website; content management, security SaaS, WCAG and Privacy regulations knowledge.
  • Specific expertise in business modelling and analysis.
  • Ability to integrate qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Excellent organization skills and attention to detail.
  • Team management experience and strong communication skills.
  • A passion for everything digital and eCommerce.
  • Expert knowledge in Excel

Key experience and skills

  • Degree in business, marketing or a related field.
  • 8+ years of experience in digital marketing and eCommerce.
  • Looking to be in a role where you will hope to grow with, you're someone with a good drive to continue onwards and upwards.
  • Nimble
  • things are quick and change in a startup; we are looking for someone who can keep up, make great suggestions, and implement procedures.
  • Ability to execute
  • You come in and just get things done! You have no problem getting the action started and keeping it going.
  • Pressure only encourages you
  • this role will be so rewarding, but it won't come without its difficulties, the ability to shake off or work under pressure is a must.
  • You've worked at an international level and have key contacts that will help propel Legible to success.
  • Working interdepartmental is key
  • you'll be navigating and orchestrating many teams with various projects.
  • A solutions provider with strong problem-solving skills, including the ability to analyze current business problems and implement recommended solutions.

Why Legible?

Legible is a startup with a heart

  • a company that values equity and diversity at its very core. It is somewhere you can come to grow and experience different areas of the business. We are a small but mighty team, who are just turning the page on a new and exciting chapter of growth.

We offer:

  • A flexible working schedule
  • Great paid time off package, including a paid winter break!
  • Positions you can grow and make your own
  • A multitude of avenues for career growth and change
  • With an open-door policy, you can bring this up with confidence
  • An inclusive working environment
  • anyone and everyone is welcome at Legible
  • Community Values
  • We work together as a team to better our community. We are invested in making a difference

To be considered for this position, you must be eligible to work in Canada and pass a criminal record check.

?Systemic racism is a machine that runs whether we pull the levers or not, and by just letting it be, we are responsible for what it produces. We have to actually dismantle the machine if we want to make a change.?

  • Ijeoma Oluo, So You Want to Talk About Race

At Legible, we strive for diversity and inclusion to create a genuinely healthy and equitable workplace for everyone. We are committed to the ongoing process of building a culture of respect at every level, ensuring that everyone feels safe, supported, and valued.

Let's be real: employee handbooks always talk a lot about diversity and inclusion, but in the actual day-to-day, employees indulge in microaggressions toward BIPOC colleagues, claim that ?sexism goes both ways,? and so on. At Legible, we know that oppression is systemic and structural. Cis privilege, non-disabled privilege, white privilege, male privilege-these are real and have consequences for people. We're aware that being marginalized at work causes real distress, especially when accountability doesn't seem to exist.

How is Legible going to dismantle the machine, and what makes us different? It starts here, and everyone has an opportunity to join Legible and make a difference

  • our hiring process is fair and equitable. As a company, we will be devoted to providing regular training and info sessions to our employees to ensure that we are aware of our privileges and will work to address microaggressions on a daily basis. One look at will show how committed we are to diversity and inclusivity. We are a company that will beautifully entwine, celebrate and support diverse cultures and varying beliefs.

A few years ago, an interviewer asked Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the Broadway smash-hit Hamilton, why his cast was so diverse. Miranda replied, "That's just what happens when you go looking for the very best people!" At Legible, we couldn't agree more.

Legible recognizes the right for human beings to self identify. You are valued, safe and supported.

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