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PerkinElmer is seeking an experienced sales leader to drive growth in the Food sector for the PerkinElmer Portfolio of Instruments, Consumables, and Service. This position will require a deep understanding of the end-market, customer needs, workflows, and an established track record of success growing business in the Food Industry. The Senior Manager of Food Sales will be responsible for building, managing, and maintaining a strong sales team directed toward growing PerkinElmer's market share, developing and implementing strategy for growth and expansion, and working closely with the America's sales, marketing, and segment leadership to deliver customer-focused solutions. This position is primarily responsible for PerkinElmer's Analytical Instrumentation Portfolio and growing revenue and profitability consistent with corporate and regional business goals.

Key Responsibilities

Business Development

The Sales Senior Manager will be responsible for managing and driving profitable business growth in the region and will work closely with the Leadership team and staff to develop strategies, tactics, and sales plans to meet or exceed our annual sales goals. The Sales Senior Manager is responsible for providing accurate sales forecasts and for converting those forecasts to order volume to PerkinElmer in a timely manner. In addition, the Sales Senior Manager will be responsible for developing and executing an overall market strategy involving key accounts and fostering relationships with key customer stakeholders. The Sales Senior Manager will effectively manage headcount and other budgeted expense/revenue plans to improve overall profitability.

Sales Team Development

The Sales Senior Manager will lead a group of front-line sales professionals and work closely with them to achieve their territory goals through coaching, mentoring, and driving accountability around pipeline development activities. The Sales Senior Manager will identify critical skills and competencies necessary to provide best-in-class sales performance and will regularly communicate this information to the sales team. The Sales Senior Manager will continuously scan the marketplace for talent and will build and manage a talent pipeline to ensure that PerkinElmer has the most talented and productive sales and frontline management team in the region. The Sales Senior Manager will identify skill gaps in the organization and ensure that adequate time is provided to all team members for training and development programs and experiences. The Sales Senior Manager will work in partnership with individuals and teams among sales, service, product and marketing groups to ensure that best-in-class sales and customer support objectives are consistently achieved. This individual will communicate and support established performance metrics to drive results in and will utilize established internal processes for driving performance through ongoing goal setting, results measurement, individual and team development and talent identification and deployment.


The Sales Senior Manager will provide input to peers and cross functional teams on business climate and other factors affecting the business and will analyze the competitive situation and communicate marketplace intelligence to facilitate better planning, positioning and execution. This individual will ensure that corporate communications are effectively translated and put into context to provide consistency of message to the sales team. The Sales Senior Manager will demonstrate accountability for maintaining the connection between the field and senior leadership. In addition, the Sales Senior Manager will translate strategic goals and strategies actions and ensure effective execution in the field.

Management Reporting

The Sales Senior Manager will utilize established processes to collect and maintain sales data and, on an as-required basis, will provide unit and dollar forecasts. They will provide quarterly inventory reporting, and ?Lost?, ?Won?, and ?Abandoned? order reports. The Sales Senior Manager will ensure that sales team members are providing timely forecasts based on established standards and are fully utilizing the productivity tools provided to them.

Basic Qualifications:

5 to 10 years of sales management and leadership experience.

5 to 10 years' experience in the Food industry.

Preferred Qualifications:

Demonstrated success in developing and leading growth strategies within the Food industry.

Knowledge about ways in which organizations function in delivering products to customers as well as the ability to impact through formal and informal channels.

Deal effectively with complex challenges, and demonstrates consistent intellectual sharpness, agility and capability.

Demonstrates exceptional skill in verbal and written communications. Must be able to express information in a succinct and organized manner that is appropriate for the intended audience.

Must also be an effective listener to others and to clarify information as needed.

Solid track record in identifying, selecting and developing people who hire the best people available to assemble a talented and diverse team.

Travel up to 50% of the time.

PerkinElmer Leadership Values & Associated Behaviors

Vision and Purpose

Sees possibilities where others see only problems and acts to overcome them in a positive way. Performs in ways that demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the vision and strategy of the company, business unit or team. Inspires and motivates others by modeling the vision and values of the organization and encouraging others through his or her example to support a common goal.

Ethics and Integrity

Applies common sense and good judgement in all business dealings. Understands and obeys all laws and regulations as they pertain to our business and takes great care to protect organization from exposure to liability. Enhances reputation of the organization through the consistent application of the highest standards of business conduct. Lives by PerkinElmer values and sets an example for others.

Bias for Action

Demonstrates a sense of urgency in meeting the needs of customers or internal partners. Responds quickly and professionally to achieve important goals without sacrificing quality. Sets priorities, seizes opportunities to meet and achieve goals. Displays high energy and energizes others. Displays edge in making people and portfolio decisions but does so with compassion and principles. Does not hold to outmoded ways of doing things but looks for opportunities to improve processes by eliminating waste and unnecessary work. Is a change agent for the organization and helps others effectively adapt to and respond with a positive outlook toward continuous improvement.


Initiates and supports meaningful projects that are customer-focused and add value. Willingly participates in cross-functional projects and accepts accountability for his/her role on a project team. Demonstrates trust in team members, empowers them to solve problems and make decisions. Cooperates with other members, shares knowledge and follows through on commitments. Does not protect ?turf,? but demonstrates the willingness to break through established boundaries by sharing resources cross-functionally.


Promotes or exhibits creativity and informed risk-taking. As a team leader, encourages ?out of the box? thinking that leads to new ways to accomplish organizational goals. As an individual contributor, consistently initiates new approaches to meeting customer needs, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing quality. Strives for technical and market leadership through a thorough understanding of market demands and customer needs and taking steps to enhance PerkinElmer's value proposition. Consistently seeks opportunities to improve processes and quality and acts in the best interest of the customer and the company.

Developing People

Ensures the right people are in the right roles to achieve department and organizational goals. Recruits and selects a diverse team of talented individuals and is not reluctant to hire people more talented than him or herself. Makes right calls on selecting, assigning and redeploying people consistent with the organization's strategic initiatives. Consistently drives development of his/her team by providing frequent and candid feedback and through consistent modeling of PerkinElmer leadership initiatives. Creates stretch assignments for people to develop their skills and contribute increased value to PerkinElmer's leadership bench. Consistently provides feedback, recognition and rewards in ways that motivate and inspire others to achieve their true potential. Communicates consistently and effectively with peers, direct reports and internal partners in a way that strengthens alignment with and accomplishment of organizational goals.

Customer Commitment

Understands who his/her customers are and focuses all work process toward the achievement of total customer satisfaction. Communicates commitments and consistently meets or exceeds them. Demonstrates in both words and actions that meeting customer needs is a priority, and effectively communicates this to the rest of the team. Drives this value throughout the organization by developing others and being a champion for customer satisfaction.


Sets and achieves ambitious goals that are consistent with the goals of the organization. Establishes clear metrics for tracking results and measuring success in order to consistently reach performance goals.


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