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412-K10-HR  Illustration I: Drawing and Vector Graphics
Students will explore key drawing techniques using traditional media and how to transfer those skills to create dynamic, resolution-independent, vector graphics, using industry-standard applications such as Adobe Illustrator, for use in a variety of design projects.

412-F10-HR  Digital Photo I: Digital Photography
This hands-on class will cover the basics of using a DSLR camera including introducing shutter speed and aperture. Students will learn about photographic composition, light and how to process their images using industry-standard software.

412-B40-HR  Digital Marketing and Branding
In this course, students will learn the strategic business use of social media for marketing. Topics covered include a basic overview of the principles of branding and marketing, an introduction to the strengths, weaknesses and basic functionality of the major social networks and platforms, effective content creation, community management, and how to design and evaluate a social media campaign.

412-D41-HR  Design Studio I
Students will explore designing and producing for advertising and branding campaigns.

412-H40-HR  Multimedia I: Introduction to Video Production
Students will learn step-by-step how to plan, shoot and edit video projects. Throughout the course, students complete a series of photo projects that will help them practice the skills they're learning.

412-C50-HR  Graphic Design Industry
This course engages students in hands-on project management techniques. Working with real clients on design projects (print, web, social media) while meeting deadlines and demonstrating a professional attitude. Students explore the process of becoming a freelance designer, including: the creative and financial advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed, starting out, setting up your business and tracking expenses, to entering into agreements and invoicing for your work.

412-E50-HR  Web Design V: Content Management Systems
Students will develop websites using WordPress. The students will learn to build and edit websites within development environments and experience the process of website migration. 

412-E10-HR  Web Design I: Introduction to Web Design
Students will use HTML and CSS to hand-code accessible and responsive websites optimised for all screen sizes. Students will build and launch websites by planning, designing, and coding using clean and organized code. Students will also learn the important aspect of website optimization for good speed performance and for search engines (SEO).

412-E30-HR  Web Design III: Advanced Interactive Web Design
Students will use web animation and greater responsiveness to enhance their web designs.

412-H60-HR  Multimedia III: Motion Graphics
Students will learn to apply the basic animation principles and timing, using various animation tools and techniques, to create motion graphics that clearly communicate the client's message. Students will explore a range of projects from advertising, animated logos, film title design, stop-motion and more.
WORK LOCATION:325 boul. de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, J8Y6T3

SALARY RANGE: 42,431.00$ - 91,023.00$


In a general way, the professor's teaching load shall include: preparation of course outline; preparation of classes, labs and fieldwork;  teaching classes, labs and fieldwork; adaptation;  support and supervision of students; preparation, invigilation and correction of examinations; revision of corrections at the students’ request; participation in pedagogical days organized by the College; participation in departmental meetings and required activities.  May also include departmental coordination; program committee coordination; special support and supervision activities; participation in program activities; program development; implementation and evaluation; and institutional development.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Graphic and Web Design, NewMedia or in another related field. 
  • Several years of teaching experience at the undergraduate or college level is preferred. 
  • Fluency in English, both oral and written is required. 
  • Knowledge of software as per program requirements is necessary.

Ability to:

  • Utilize excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Create a dynamic, challenging, and motivated learning environment.
  • Adapt to a variety of student needs and provide appropriate academic and career development support.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter through academic or non-academic experiences.
  • Apply theoretical concepts to current workplace needs and skill requirements.
  • Provide assistance and display leadership at Heritage College.
  • Stay abreast of changes and new program requirements through regular professional development activities.
  • Must be flexible as required by the department workloads. 
  • Must be willing to work collaboratively within the Faculty team.

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