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Oshko is a young and promising company that specializes in the design, the production and the selling of advanced gaming computers. Although it just recently launched, its founder and president, Francis Carroll, has over ten years of international experience working in the computer industry. It has worked and collaborated with leading chip makers, tier one manufacturers, top national retailers, events, medias and influencers. .

Passionate about gaming and computers, at Oshko we set an environment for all of us to be creative, to think outside the box so that we create better gaming boxes. #dadjoke. We are striving to bring to market the most advanced gaming PCs ever seen… every day. We work as a team and unites to reach our primary goal that is common to all: the satisfaction and excitement of our customers.

And we are well surrounded. Oshko counts on the support of many well known partners so we can continue to serve the gaming community to its best. Together, we are leading the industry, pushing its boundaries so that video games continue to get more and more exciting.

Not only are we providing products to the gaming community, we are part of it. We are present and active with gaming teams, on social media, we travel to attend events, we have weekly gaming hours allowance, streaming accounts, credits that can be applied to purchasing of games, and so much more.

We are working hard but everyday is fun. We continuously cheer for individual or team accomplishments. You should have seen our president when he reached Gold at Overwatch… It was big for him.

Join the team and you will still be allow to make fun of Francis’ poor aim at Overwatch.


Marketing & Media

  • Define the social media strategy with Oshko’s direction and plan its execution
  • Define key performance indicators for the social media strategy and activities
  • Define and propose budgets to ensure success of the strategy
  • Manage, create and supervise social media content
  • Oversee engagement level of the community and the quality of visitors sent to Oshko’s Website; recommend content optimisation to increase conversion
  • Interact rapidly with Oshko’s social media community
  • Build and maintain business relation with industry’s professional and influencers through social media in order to build strong contact network.


  • Define the event strategy with Oshko’s direction including the selection of which event to attend and our level of implication
  • Define key performance indicators for our events strategy and participations
  • Plan logistic for events and assume Oshko’s presence
  • Engage and have fun with event participants, try to understand their needs and motivations while promoting Oshko’ brand.


  • Participate on a needed basis in meetings with creative and media agencies
  • Coordinate on a needed basis creative projects


  • Participate on needed basis on product marketing elaboration i.e. Key Selling Points, packaging, merchandising, etc.


  • Has to be available for travels outside of Canada
  • Estimated travel 10% of the time for events, content creation, etc.
  • Certain times during the years might require higher percentage of traveling time.


  • You have an exceptional level of enthusiasm towards the PC gaming universe. You naturally stay up to date with the latest technologies, releases of new games and its trends in general.
  • You participate daily in its community and have a great interest for its history.
  • You have a recent experience building gaming computer would be a bonus.
  • You have at least a basic understanding of computer components, what roles their are playing in a computer, and how they do operates and interact with each other.
  • You have an university degree or higher. A bonus if it is related to business, computer technologies or the gaming industry.
  • You play computer games almost daily and are willing to play and interact with Oshko’s community during work hours.
  • You are an organized person who can lead various projects simultaneously. You are in control of your schedule and you know how to set priorities. This allows you to be a great team player and it allows you to contributes to your team’s ability to reach its goals.  
  • Must have a driver’s license and the ability to travel 10% of the time. Sometimes outside of Canada.