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DWIT-Partnership Creator / Créateur(trice) de partenariats



Type d'emploi : Permanent
Horaire : Temps plein
Domaine principal : Vente
Années d'expérience pertinente minimum : 0-2
Scolarité minimum : Collégial
Salaire : 48 000 et plus

Looking for a challenge ?

Something to make a sense in your young professional life ?

Want to make a difference in the craziest industry in the world ?

The entertainment Industry is waiting for you !

Here's our 10 simple  DWIT rules:

Rule 1: Do Whatever It Takes!

Rule 2: Must be able to close deals on the phone. If not refer to Rule 1

Rule 3: A sincere desire to contribute to a promising startup’s success!. If not refer to Rule 1

Rule 4: Must be bilingual. If not refer to Rule 1

Rule 5: Be a fit in our dynamic growing team. If not refer to Rule 1

Rule 6: Knowledge of the accommodation, tourism and/or event industry. If not refer to Rule 1

Rule 7: Familiar with virtual communication tools (Gmail, Slack, Doc Send). If not refer to Rule 1

Rule 8: A strong goal-oriented inner motivation (you’re focused on closing!). If not refer to Rule 1

Rule 9: Must have proven sales skills and experience with cold calls. If not refer to Rule 1

Rule 10: Must want to change the world everyday, one day at a time. If not, look elsewhere

Here’s what you’re getting into:

Stay22 is a startup that helps organizers improve the overall experience of their participants through a platform that makes it easy to search for accommodations near an event.

Whether it's a large-scale video game convention, a local beer festival or an international conference on commerce and creativity, for example, Stay22 is present to make the experience of searching for accomodations enjoyable, for both organizers and participants.

What started a year ago with 10 customers and a team of two have +500 customers and a team of +10, are you ready to join an exciting journey?

And a typical day would be:

From a database of qualified potential clients, pick up the phone (or let the gifted writer in you shine!) to directly contact event organizers in Quebec and around the world.

Present and describe the solution, analyze and understand your interlocutor’s needs, and adequately answer to his/her objections, if applicable.

Write down all the required information in the database to keep it up to date.

Still here?  Maybe it’s time to apply for the position then:

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